By Sarah Michaud and Tomás Mier

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Country singer Tiera and creative director Kamren Kennedy tied the knot on Saturday at Southall Meadows in Franklin, Tennessee, PEOPLE confirms exclusively.

Tiera, 23, and Kennedy, 25, started dating seven years ago after the two met while Kennedy helped the singer with her creative ventures, music videos and photos.

“We just clicked from the very beginning,” the “Found It In You” singer tells PEOPLE. “We loved working together and hanging out together and were best friends from that very first FaceTime.”

The couple met in 2014 when Tiera posted a picture of a camera she wanted to buy to share a YouTube cover. Kennedy quickly slid into her DMs.

“Kamren (being the filmmaker he is) messaged me and said ‘I can show you how to use your camera’ and so we FaceTimed and he actually did help me with my camera,” she says with a laugh. “But afterward, we never stopped talking and here we are seven years later.”

Tiera walked down the aisle wearing a dress from ILA Bridal, makeup by Hailee Clark, flowers from family friend Lisa Croteau and hair by someone very special: Tiera’s mom.

“I don’t trust anyone else with my hair besides my mom!” she says.

The couple shared vows in front of friends and family in a celebration officiated by Kamren’s family pastor. (“Kamren has been going to the same church since middle school so it’s going to be really special to have him marry us,” says Tiera.)

As for her dress, Ila was only the second dress store Tiera — who also hosts The Tiera Show on Apple Music — visited but she knew right away when she tried on the gown.

“I don’t like to ponder on things too much so I didn’t want to overthink the dress choice,” she says about the dress. “It’s definitely true what they say about the bride wanting the exact opposite of what she thought she wanted. I came out with a dress I always said I’d never wear.”

The couple tells PEOPLE they were most “excited to be introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy” and couldn’t wait to “get down on the dance floor at the reception with our friends and family!” But first, Tiera and her dad planned to hit a more nostalgic note.

“When l was younger, I did a father-daughter dance at my recital with my dad to ‘Butterfly Kisses’ by Bob Carlisle. I was wearing a white dress and he was wearing a suit. I was maybe 5 years old,” Tiera recalls. “That’s the song my dad and I are going to dance to at the wedding.” 

As for food and celebrating, the attendees enjoyed Nashville hot chicken and waffle bites (“Kamren was very adamant about this,” she says), buffet-style chicken, potatoes, veggies and salad catered by Chef Penelope’s. Meanwhile, for dessert guests were served a lemon-vanilla cake from Jo’s Custom Cakes and Catering.

And as part of the festivities, Tiera wrote a sweet song titled “Gentleman” as a wedding gift to Kennedy. It will drop Oct. 29.

To keep their relationship strong, the couple abides by a few guiding rules: “Any time we have a disagreement we keep it between us and don’t allow any other opinions to come between us,” Tiera tells PEOPLE. “We also never go to bed mad at each other.”

In the years to come, Tiera says she and Kennedy look forward to “building our family and traveling the world together” — which they’ll kick off in style with a honeymoon to the Maldives this fall.