Each year we celebrate the incredible people that make Nashville a beautiful place to live. This year, we toast a lineup that includes creatives, business people, culinarians, and everything in between. With a passion for philanthropy and a beautiful outlook on life, these are the men and women who make Music City shine.  

Name: Tiera

Age: 23

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Occupation: Singer/Songwriter

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Signing my publishing and record deals! Those were both at the top of my goals list when I moved to town and it means so much that I was able to reach those goals and sign with teams that I absolutely love.

Tell us about a skill or activity that you’ve always wanted to try or one you’ve learned and mastered?

Cooking. Not really something I think I’ll ever master because it usually ends up burnt or tasting nothing like the recipe.

Name an organization or non-profit that you affiliate with outside of work and why it’s important to you.

Save The Music! My elementary school teacher is such a big part of my story and why I sing country music so It’s important to me be a part of making sure all students have access to music in schools.

What are a few of your favorite places in Nashville?

Love Thistle Farms! I’m really into making my environment and home a calm and serene space and they have the most beautiful smelling candles, essential oils, and pretty much everything you can think of to have a spa day at home. It’s also run by women survivors so it’s just a beautiful company all around. I’m also a really big fan of shopping downtown Franklin at local stores like Jondie and City Farmhouse.

Do you have a favorite quote you live by that you would like to share (and why)?

“Comparison will always steal from the calling and creativity on your own life” — Kari Jobe

I think we all struggle with comparison at some point in our lives and I realized that I was keeping myself from following God’s calling for me because I was too busy looking at other people’s lives and wanting what they had. I reached a point where I realized that God’s plan for me is beautiful and made especially for me and I just have to trust his timing. 

What is your definition of beauty—as it pertains to yourself and/or others?

The first thing I notice when I meet someone is the vibe and energy they give off and I think it’s the most beautiful when people are welcoming, loving and make you special.

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